Denver Strikes Again

Mar 01
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So I was reading GQ Trippin and they were talking about all the mistakes they made during their travels and one thing they regret was never writing things down. So even though this post is going to come across as a mad rant I’m going to write it down.


We arrived in Denver two days ago after a fun day at the Great Sand Dunes and an awesome lunch at an adorable, small town cafe. Kevbot has been sick since last week and I was just starting to feel bad too. We were worried about our decision to come to Denver in March because Albuquerque turned out to be a lot colder than expected and were now second guessing the weather here. But I was trying to be positive and pump myself up about it. I mean it was exactly 5 years ago when we were originally planning to move to Denver, but then Kevbot was offered a job in Nashville. There must have been some reason why we wanted to live here so bad.



old cafe



So we rolled into Denver around 5:15 pm and quickly remembered the frustrations of  large city traffic. It took us an hour to go 10 miles! We have been spoiled by Nashville and ABQ where you can literally get anywhere in 15-20 min. I was tired and feeling worse and now it would be cold and dark while we unloaded the car.


Our house for the next 2 months is a small studio apartment over someones garage. Now there are 2 ways to enter the apartment: park in the ally by the garage which is the closest and most convenient or street park in front of the house and walk through the side gate, through the owners yard into our yard and apartment. The email instructed us that the garage parking  is for the owners and we need to use the street parking. So that’s what we did, we parked on the street and unloaded by walking through their side gate just like we did in ABQ.

Well apparently that is unacceptable because the next morning I received and email saying we are not to use the side gate, we need to street park and walk around the whole block and through the ally to get to our place. I mean Seriously Denver!?!


Next grievance, since this place is WAY smaller than the photos lead to believe Kevbot needs to rent office space so he can still work. Now in ABQ he was able to rent a private office which had a gym, conference room and kitchen for $225 a month…here it will cost $700 for the exact same thing. Denver is expensive! So he found a space less than 1/4 mile for our apartment so we went to check it out yesterday. They have something called co-working space which is an open area where multiple people can work. So while it’s not optimal it could work and it’s $200/month which is in our price range. They too have a gym so we asked if I would be allowed to come in twice a week to do HIIT. I wouldn’t be using the work space, just a cardio machine for 25 minutes twice a week. You know what they said “NO” a big fat “NO”! Seriously Denver Seriously!?! 

Another annoying thing, not the last but one of the major ones. So Kevbot and I are addicted to CrossFit and one of the requirements for the places we visit is they must have a good CrossFit. So I have been researching all the boxes in the area by comparing results from the open, their programming and although a little stupid, how cool their t-shirts are.

CrossFit Verve was my first choice so I emailed them about joining for 2 months. The way they work is we would be required to “test out” just to make sure we aren’t idiots and know what the hell we are doing. Don’t mind the fact we’ve been doing this over a year and we are NOT the casual CrossFitter. The test out fee is not free or even a reasonable amount. I mean maybe if we had to pay the drop-in fee and they were to watch us in the wod I’d be okay with that, but $75 per person to “test out”? Ridiculous! And that doesn’t even include the $250 monthly membership fee. Luckily there are 80 CrossFits in the Denver area, so I will just take my business else where. I really wish more Crossfit gyms would be open and flexible to the traveling CrossFitter.

Maybe I’m overreacting because I feel horrible and sick, but this is not the way to start things off, DENVER! We are not friends right now! I already knew it, but this makes me appreciate how lucky we got in ABQ. Our landlords and house were perfect, and Black Box was awesome!

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K10 is a photographer, crossfitter and on a mission to find her muchness.


  • Joylyn March 9, 2013 Reply

    Hi Kristin,
    I’m sorry that you found our process at CrossFit Verve not accommodating enough for you. We limit our class sizes and aim to provide the highest level of training and experience to our athlete community. We require a test out because we believe technique is the gateway to getting stronger, healthier and fitter. In order for us to understand what is unique about you and your movements, injuries and for you to understand our form expectations and cueing, we have to meet one-on-one. Our Test Out session has never been found to be wasted time or money for the athletes that have completed it, but rather a great experience.

    Our rates are competitive, especially at month-to-month unlimited for couples and we are open for approx 85hrs of coached classes each week including 8.5 hrs of open gym to accommodate athletes doing separate programming and skill work.

    We wish you both the best of luck while here in Denver and with CrossFit in the future. Safe travels!

    • AUTHOR

      K10 March 10, 2013 Reply

      Hi Joylyn, thank you for the response. I understand that the process Verve has is one of the reasons you are a great gym, but it still creates a barrier in our situation. It’s hard for us because we can’t afford to pay a “test out” or “start up fee” at every gym, every two months. The article expresses Matt and Cherie’s struggle with their own travel and how they could make their own gym more travel friendly. We thought our experience was relevant.

  • Wow March 10, 2013 Reply

    Perhaps I too am overreacting, but your rant is whiny and annoying. You are blaming AN ENTIRE TOWN on trivial things that are either your own fault, or no one’s fault. Weather, traffic? Probably not the fault of Denver itself. You don’t like how large the place you’re renting is, but you never ASKED what the square footage is, you just guessed from photos? Um, yeah. Your fault. Your landlord is a jerk? Not your fault, but definitely not Denver’s fault. You think you should be allowed to work out at the gym attached to someone else’s office? (I know it’s your husband, but they have to be liable for you if you hurt yourself, and you’re asking them to give you access that everyone else pays for, free.) Reallly, K10, really?!? (For the record, that is categorized under Your Fault.)

    Then you have the gall to complain about a CrossFit gym for making sure you are skilled enough to join their gym without hurting yourself? Common sense be damned, let’s just let this lady do what she wants because she SAYS she’s pretty great. You don’t think you should pay to test out? Sure, it’s totally okay to expect a trainer to volunteer their time so you can get yet another freebie out of life. I don’t work for free, and I don’t expect anyone else to. What you’re talking about is a private training session, the hourly amount is perfectly reasonable.
    I see why you and Denver are not friends, and you’ll both be happier when you’re gone.

  • Cherie March 10, 2013 Reply

    Hi Kristen –

    Thank you for your comment. While the article took my comment out of context. I do believe yours is relevant. It’s important for us to understand the experiences of all CrossFitter and how better to accommodate them, if we can!

    Our test out policy came about after a few years of having problems with new athletes to the gym. We wanted to create a culture of form first! Too many people get hurt and have a forever bad experience with CF.

    You are absolutely right it is not convenient or economical for all people. That’s the struggle as an affiliate owner. In this situation, safety becomes a bigger concern for us.

    Hopefully we will continue to grow and learn best practices to accommodate all without compromising our standards!

    Thank you for your comment – Cherie Chan

    • AUTHOR

      K10 March 13, 2013 Reply

      Hi Cherie! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and understanding our point of view. Your voice in the CrossFit community can help open doors for all of us who are traveling as well. Good luck on your adventure!

  • Kelly Ferguson March 13, 2013 Reply

    Hi Kristin,
    Jess G told me about your travel blog and I wanted to follow your adventures. I think it’s so cool what you are doing. BTW, we met briefly after the snatch workshop in ABQ….
    Any hoo, pretty stunned by the comment from WOW above. I’ll just be shaking my head on that one for awhile.
    Anyway, if you make it to Seattle, check out Jet City Crossfit or Crossfit Loft. They are both awesome, and it’s where I got my start in Crossfit. They are super accommidating and take safety seriously 🙂 Keep on keeping on!!


    • AUTHOR

      K10 March 13, 2013 Reply

      Hey Kelly, I remember chatting with you! Thanks for following our adventure. We will be making our way to Seattle in July and will definitely check those boxes out. Any other recommendations for food or places to visit there?

  • Shalom March 30, 2013 Reply

    Crossfit Lifeforce has helped me in ways i never would have imngeaid Jon and Steve are great the people are awsome and the workouts are so much better then going to the gym, lifting weights, and running on treadmills.i lifted weights for most of my adult life and i say every day i wish crossfit was around when i was younger.If your stuck in limbo need a more intense workout or just maybe on the fence a bit about crossfit JUMP over that fence and come join us at Crossfit Lifeforce i promise you your going to love it.

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