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Feb 02
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During the week I maintain a pretty routine schedule: blogging, photographing, editing, CrossFitting, cooking, etc. It’s easier for me to accomplish goals without living in a complete state of unplanned chaos. But on the weekends we go exploring. Today we woke up without a plan, but we wanted to see something new. I had a list of Places to See from a guy who bought my old Nikon so I started looking at our options.

I really wanted to go to the Acoma Pueblos, an ancient pueblo village atop a 367-foot sandstone bluff, but they were having an Officers Feast. Photography is forbidden during this time which is no bueno for this photo nerd. So maybe next weekend. We decided on El Santuario de Chimayo, a 200 year old Roman Catholic Church. It’s claimed to have healing dirt, and the most important Catholic pilgrimage center in the United States. Susan, our temporary landlords, told us that people even make the 90 mile trek on their KNEES from ABQ. Ouch! Supposedly there is a hole where visitors can take some dirt in hopes of a miraculous cure, but we never found it.

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Then we made our way back to Santa Fe and stopped at The Loretto Chapel. It’s famous for its mysterious spiral staircase that has no center support and was originally built without rails. The chapel was build by a French architect in the neo-gothic style which is probably why I loved it so much. I mean give me a flying buttress, stained glass windows, and a good unexplainable phenomenon and I’m all over that.


2.2 diptych

church d

Also a flashback to highlight my most favorite gothic cathedral, Notre Dame. Here’s me in 2007 pretending to be Quasimodo.


After that we walked around the square, but the sun was setting and people were closing up shop, so we jumped in the Subaru and headed back to ABQ.







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  • Patti February 3, 2013 Reply

    Hi there ~ I’m Patti of One Road at a Time, it’s nice to meet you and thanks for posting on my blog. I have to tell you that the Loretto Chapel is one of my most favorite places on earth. I am not sure why, but it just moves me, I find the story of the spiral staircase to be amazing. And on our recent trip to Paris, we climbed to the top of Notre Dame and by we I mean my husband because when I got to level of where you were, my fear of heights kicked in big time and I had to go down… immediately! Your photos are quite nice!

    • AUTHOR

      K10 February 3, 2013 Reply

      It was beautiful and one of my favorite stops so far. I loved the I could actually take photos. So many places don’t permit cameras. The steps up to Notre Dame are quite a trek. Did you go around back to the little park area?

      • Patti February 3, 2013 Reply

        Yes, we did walk to the park behind Notre Dame, we actually visited the cathedral twice, it’s so spectacular.

  • Bob February 13, 2013 Reply

    Nice! Yeah, I’m the guy who bought the old Nikon (or the old guy who bought the Nikon)–looks like you’re getting into the NM scene and capturing very well the color, light, and other uniqueness of that landscape. Don’t forget to cross the border to Canyon de Chelly while there’s still a little snow on the ground, if possible. I really envy your combination of skill and location; happy shooting!

  • Annie March 20, 2013 Reply

    I came across this blog through random CrossFit sites…I didn’t expect to talk about El Santuaria de Chimayo. I have a pouch of dirt that was given to me by an aunt. It was when I was super sick (cancer, autoimmune issues, and a lot of other shit). About 6 months after getting the dirt I have never felt better. Autoimmune diseases that were supposed to be permanent are gone! I even got a release from my doctor to go back to CrossFit. I just wanted to add my story to yours. If you are ever looking to drop into an open gym Im in south Denver. Happy travels!

    • AUTHOR

      K10 March 20, 2013 Reply

      Hi Annie! Thanks for sharing your amazing story. That is awesome you were able to get back into CF. Thanks for the invite. We might drop in for a wod before we leave Denver.

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