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Mar 15
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Last weekend Kevbot had to work and there was a blizzard, so we still haven’t really experienced Denver yet. We have been pretty dedicated to eating healthy and preoccupied with the CrossFit Open to really dive fully into the city. Hopefully this weekend we will have an opportunity to do something fun.

In the meanwhile, I’ll go back to some of the fun weekends we had in Albuquerque other than our hot air balloon ride and trip to El Santuario de Chimayo.

Ice Cave, Bandara Volcano and Sandstone Bluff- This was one of my favorite day trips. The hike up to the volcano is easy and the landscapes amazing. We picked up a pamphlet at the “trading post” for a self-guided tour of the area. The Ice Cave was really cool too. It was formed from a collapsed lava tube and the temperature is always below freezing.

fire and ice





After exploring the cave and volcano we drove up to  Sandstone Bluff which was amazing! It was so beautiful and you could see forever. I really can’t wait until I see the Grand Canyon.




Elena Gallegos TrailThis was a fun hike at the base of the mountain. It was a pretty easy dirt trail although we ventured off for some bouldering to get a better view. We went on a Sunday in January, and we saw a small handful of other hikers, but at times it seemed like we were all alone.

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1.27 h

Acoma Sky CityThis pueblo is built atop a sheer-walled, 367-foot sandstone bluff, and when you purchase tickets you get a guided tour. The visitors center is pretty cool and has a nice art gallery to occupy your time while your wait for your tour. I will say this was one of the most pricey day trips we took and we had to pay an additional photo permit fee. They also have some pretty strict rules, and we overwhelmingly felt unwelcome as the staff was pretty rude. It was also FREEZING on the plateau! We did not dress accordingly and were miserable.

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Santa FeOne of my oldest friends Ashley whom I met in 6th grade came to visit us the last weekend we were in Abq. Ashley, her husband, Brennan, and I drove out to Santa Fe to spend the day. She is also a photographer so we just wandered around on our little photo adventure. She took me to one of her favorite stores The Jackalope. This area had a cluster of quirky, eclectic shops with really friendly owners. We were surprised to find a small animal area behind the stores where chickens, prairie dogs, and 2 donkeys lived. On our way back, Ashley and I took a detour for a self-portrait photo shoot! 

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Sandina Tramway- This is the second longest tramway in the world, just beat out by another one in Sweden. It was a fun ride we took at sunset and Kevbot played around with our go-pro a little. Once we got to the top of the mountain the sun was almost set and the wind chill was insane! Seriously I could hardly stay out there to take some photos. We went into the High Finance restaurant to warm ourselves up with some hot coca and baileys.


2.18 (3)

2.18 (2)

Abq was such a fun place and we are glad we got a chance to call it home for a short while!

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