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Oct 30
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This is my favorite time of year. I’m in love when the weather gets a little chilly, leaves start to change, and I can bust out my scarves and hoodies. It’s been really amazing to enjoy the shift from summer to fall here in Montreal. It feels like I’ve actually experienced a real autumn because unlike Tennessee and Texas, the weather started to change in September. One of my dreams has been to see the leaves change in the northeast so 3 weeks ago we took a mini road trip for some leaf peeping.

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Of course we had to cross the boarder again, but luckily this was one of the easier times. We drove down through Vermont and just had to stop off at the Ben and Jerry’s Factory. We showed up just in time to take the 30 minute tour and it only cost $4.00! It was quick, but interested. However they don’t make icecream on the weekend, so we didn’t get to see the conveyor belt of yumminess. We still got a delicious, good size sample of strawberry cheesecake in the Flavor Room, and I swear it was so much better than out of the carton. We passed on the Vermonster, but I swear one day I will eat it!

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We camped for a night at Grafton Notch Campgrounds. Our site was so cute surrounded by apple trees and the river running behind us. It was so peaceful! Mo, the owner was so friendly and we enjoyed telling her about our adventure and learning about hers to open the campground. I just love camping! Our neighbors were a group of friends who appeared to be having a girl’s getaway trip. They had brought special treats and wine to share with the group. As they softly chatted and shared in laughter, I thought “That sounds nice… a moment away from computers and cell phones to really focus on life and friendship.” I think we all need those moments to really slow down and just talk.

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The night was a chilly one, and we cuddled the corgis close. I like to call Gunni a sun puppy because she likes to be warm, and the night proved to be an ordeal for her. We made her a little pile of blankets at the foot of the tent, but as the night got colder, Gunni got uncomfortable. She woke us up pacing around the tent shivering. Kevbot grabbed her up and tucked her in the sleeping back with him. After a few hours, she was too hot and wiggled her way out only to be surprised by the blast of cold air. She repeated this process about 3 times until morning came.





We took our time driving back to Montreal, enjoying the scenery and stopping when we wanted. As I stared out the window at the lovely leaves, I saw a sign for Pick Your Own Apples.

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“Quick, take a right here!” We followed the signs to Gibson’s Apple Orchard. Unfortunately their season had ended early so we weren’t able to pick any apples, but I enjoyed walking around and taking photos. We bought some apple cider and a few pre-picked apples for the road. They were juicy and tangy, and some of the best apples we’ve had.

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I also spotted this little roadside pie stand, and I had to check it out. Look how adorable! It was filled with yummy treats like pies, whoopies, jams, and dog treats. I didn’t see anyone around, but there was a sign to pay for items by putting money in the box. It warms my heart to see places that still rely on the honor system. And of course I had to get a whoopie! It was huge, and delicious, and worth every penny!

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US Northeast-32We stopped at a visitors center a few hours later and ended up talking with attended for a good 30 minutes. He was an older gentleman dressed in flannel, and he told us he has lived there almost his whole life except when he was in the war. He said there is no other place he’d want to be. That seemed to be the consensus of the weekend, a small town feel with everyone just enjoying life.

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You get the car, I’ll get the night off
You’ll get the chance to take the world apart
And figure out how it works

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  • mom October 30, 2013 Reply

    Love this story.

  • gram lariscy November 2, 2013 Reply

    This is so great, what wonderful memories you are taking home. treasure them and the time you are spending together

  • nicole | the wondernuts November 7, 2013 Reply

    Is that an ice cream cookie?!?!?! That looks amazing.

  • eemusings November 22, 2013 Reply

    GORGEOUS photos. We hit New England at peak leaf season and it was just three days of unbelievably stunning views. My heart aches recalling the shades on the trees – sunshine yellow, red wine, candy pink.

  • Bill Whitmore December 5, 2013 Reply

    How are you guys doing? Are you still traveling? love reading about your adventures… We don’t plan on going to Canada for more than a few days at least 🙂

    • AUTHOR

      K10 December 8, 2013 Reply

      Thanks Bill! We are actually back in Texas for the holidays.

  • bill December 11, 2013 Reply

    Will you be near RC. Would love to see you guys again. We have loved reading about your adventures!

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