Aug 28
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Kevbot likes to say I take the highlights from a dozen different people to make a super, unattainable goal. That I overlook everyone’s ups and downs they rarely tell Facebook about.  It’s really easy to get swept away by what you read on the internet, and feel like these stories of travel are filled with […]

Jan 25
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Sometimes I wonder why my desire to travel is so strong. Maybe it’s because as a child I moved around a lot. The breakdown: Number of schools I attended K-12: 9 Number of homes I lived in from birth to high school graduation: 10 Number of homes I lived in through college: 5 Number of […]

Downsizing, Step by Step
Jan 12
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How do you go from a 2,000 sq ft townhouse to 33.5 cubic feet of cargo? One bite at at time (or something like that)… When Kristin came back from Costa Rica in July of 2012, she was motivated. It was put up or shut up, and we needed to decide were we really going […]

Sep 20
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Are we really doing this? Are we crazy? It’s a reality now, and I’m in freak-out mode. Okay let me go back a few steps and explain… About a year ago while in the midst of planning our wedding, Kevbot and I starting talking about the desire to leave Nashville. It’s not that we don’t […]