Oct 25
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Because I’m home sick and missing my mamma, I’m going to use this week’s post to flash back to a time where the sun was shining, the days were warm, and my mom came to visit me in San Diego. Ahh San Diego, how I miss you too! The week my mom came to visit […]

Jun 24
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My favorite travel blogger, Kim, has started a Dear Life column and I decided to join in. Be sure to check out her series here. San Diego, CA Week of June 10th Dear Life, Thank you for small gruffess barks from the snuggly puppy at my feet. Thank you for the sticky sweat that covers me. […]

May 29
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San Diego and I just met 10 days ago, and I am trying really hard to not come across as a needy and obsessed girl, but secretly I’ve been doodling K10 + SD = <3 I’m really in love with this city. It’s warm and beautiful. The people are so laid back and friendly. It’s […]

May 20
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Kevbot celebrated the big 3-0 last Thursday, and even though he is so very old now I still love him. I needed a good present idea since we don’t have room for possessions, and he really prefers doing things opposed to owning things anyways. So I racked my brain for something fun and unique to […]