Oct 25
Published by K10 In California 2 Comments

Because I’m home sick and missing my mamma, I’m going to use this week’s post to flash back to a time where the sun was shining, the days were warm, and my mom came to visit me in San Diego. Ahh San Diego, how I miss you too! The week my mom came to visit […]

Oct 09
Published by K10 In Oregon 5 Comments

Back in August Kevbot’s mom came to visit us in Portland! While there are so many advantages to this crazy travel we are doing, it has it’s hard parts, and going 8 months between family visits is definitely one to them. We are so thankful to everyone who has supported us, and shown your love […]

Oct 02
Published by K10 In Illinois 6 Comments

During our 60 hour drive from Portland to Montreal we made a stop in Chicago. I was glad to change the car  out for the metro for a few days, and explore the city. We stayed at this adorable room I found off Airbnb, and the owners Marcella and John are just about the coolest […]

Sep 25
Published by K10 In Nicaragua 1 Comment

Diary Entry from July 8th– Nicaragua: I just woke up on our 5th day in Nicaragua. We spent all yesterday surfing. I feel so bruised and sore. We have had so many adventures here. This house is amazing a top the highest hill in our little cove. It overlooks the tree tops to a horseshoe […]

Sep 11

Portland’s slogan is “Keep Portland Weird” and although stolen from Austin, I can forgive them for that since they really live up to it. The whole vibe there is very different. Downtown you can see business professionals and homeless teens co-mingling on the streets. I haven’t seen that much colored hair since my days at […]