Soul Searching

Sep 11

Portland’s slogan is “Keep Portland Weird” and although stolen from Austin, I can forgive them for that since they really live up to it. The whole vibe there is very different. Downtown you can see business professionals and homeless teens co-mingling on the streets. I haven’t seen that much colored hair since my days at […]

Aug 16
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Hyderabad, India July 15th – 26th Dear Life, Thank you for a new world that challenges so much of what I thought I knew. Thank you for that scared and unsettling feeling when I am completely out of my element. Thank you for the two beautiful ladies who followed us around the Golkonda fort, just enjoying our […]

Jul 22
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Redonda Bay, Nicaragua Week of July 3rd – 10th Dear Life, Thank you for the wind in my face as I flew through the canopy on the zipline. Thank you for the billion twinkling stars in the heavens. This universe makes me feel so small sometimes.  Thank you for new experiences and adventures. Thank you […]

Jun 24
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My favorite travel blogger, Kim, has started a Dear Life column and I decided to join in. Be sure to check out her series here. San Diego, CA Week of June 10th Dear Life, Thank you for small gruffess barks from the snuggly puppy at my feet. Thank you for the sticky sweat that covers me. […]

Jun 16
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It’s the time of year when commercial on TV and the radio are reminding everyone that Father’s Day is approaching. Stores hang signs to encourage shoppers to buy for “Grads and Dads”. I have to say it is my second most hated day of the year because it so blatantly reminds me that I don’t […]