Dear Life- San Diego

Jun 24
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My favorite travel blogger, Kim, has started a Dear LifeĀ column and I decided to join in. Be sure to check out her series here.

San Diego, CA
Week of June 10th

Dear Life,

Thank you for small gruffess barks from the snuggly puppy at my feet.


Thank you for the sticky sweat that covers me. It reminds me I am capable of greatness.

Thank you for the elderly man with an accent that made me laugh when I forgot for a second that the world isn’t all about me.

Thank you for Ah Ha, Billy Idol, and all 80’s music.

That you for the warm beach and the crashing waves that constantly return to the shore.

Thank you for friends from afar, and the times I miss them so much that the distance hurts my heart.

Thank you for my mom, who is on her way to see me, and her abundance of energy and love for life. I am grateful we can still play together like when I was a kid.

Thank you for this time in San Diego. It’s a magical city and I am enamored.



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