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May 20
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Kevbot celebrated the big 3-0 last Thursday, and even though he is so very old now I still love him. I needed a good present idea since we don’t have room for possessions, and he really prefers doing things opposed to owning things anyways. So I racked my brain for something fun and unique to do for his birthday.



While in Hilton Head with my family, my cousin was reminiscing on learning to grill with her dad and mentioned a cooking class they attended. Ding! Ding! What a perfect idea! So I started googling cooking classes in San Diego. It was pretty tough since I was only finding actual cooking schools and not just a fun, hands-on class. And then I found it…make your own sushi! Kevbot had actually attempted making his own sushi back in his college days and it didn’t turn out so well. Now here was his chance to learn from a professional sushi chef.


I made a reservation for the two of us at Sushi on a Roll for Wednesday night. I was so excited I couldn’t wait to surprise him so I made Kevbot open his b-day card explaining the present that morning. When we arrived Sushi Jeff was there to greet us and Lorna set us up with some delicious sake and appetizers while we waited for the other students to arrive.

Sushi Jeff, the owner, has been in the business for over 25 years and taught us a lot about eating sushi as well as making it. Some interesting things I didn’t know in order to get the best sushi:

Step 1: Sit at the bar. I thought this was just for a better experience, but apparently you also get the better pieces of fish.

Step 2: Become a regular at your favorite sushi place so the chef gets to know you.

Step 3: Buy the chef alcohol. They will like you more, therefore, give you extra sushi!

There! Winning all around!

Also another good tip: If you are eating at a new restaurant, order your favorite sushi. If it’s good, give the chef creative freedom for the rest of your meal, otherwise pay your bill and go to the next place.

Sushi Jeff first taught us to make a California roll, and it’s actually harder than you’d think! My rice kept sticking to my hands, and my roll turned out pretty sad, but Kevbot did awesome on his.

Kevbot's pretty roll

Kevbot’s pretty roll


My sad roll

Then we made spicy tuna hand roll which was much easier and very delicious!

sushionaroll 3


sushionaroll 2



Sushi Jeff made the group a couple more rolls which included an eel roll which was my favorite!




Sushi on a Roll is actually a full time catering company, not a sit down restaurant. What makes them unique is that they can offer fun classes like this or you can hire them for your very own sushi party! We had a blast and I can’t say enough nice things about Jeff and Lorna. They were so welcoming and laid back, like we were friends just hanging out having a good time! Thanks guys, for making Kevbot’s birthday a special one!




I do the same thing over and over, improving bit by bit. There is always a yearning to achieve more. I’ll continue to climb, trying to reach the top, but no one knows where the top is. – Jiro Ono


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  • Lorna Ramos May 20, 2013 Reply

    Kristin.. What a great write up!! Not only sharing your experience with us here at Sushi on a Roll, but also you’re candidness & positivity comes shining through with your pictures and story!
    You & Kevin are a great couple and I feel such a good connection with the two of you! Great energy and such a passionate look into life! Thank you very much for booking with us and grateful for your compliments. Jeff & I will keep up with your blogs and adventures. Please visit us again soon.. Keep Rolling!!

    Best Regards,
    Lorna & Jeff

  • Valerie May 28, 2013 Reply

    I love your story and it makes me want to experience making sushi!

    • AUTHOR

      K10 May 29, 2013 Reply

      Mom, you will have to get Bryan to take you out to eat sushi one day!

  • gram June 13, 2013 Reply

    Hi Sweetie, I didn’t know Kevin was 30, how cool is that, and you gave him such a fabulous gift to celebrate. I can’t believe I didn’t take his Bday card with me to Hilton Head and have you take it home to him, I’ve had it for ONLY 2 months, you seen, I buy them ahead so I won’t miss the day, but I e-mailed him so I guess that works too, keep on having FUN. love and hugs gram

    • Kevin June 13, 2013 Reply

      I’m so old…

  • sterling June 13, 2013 Reply

    looks much better than the “sushi” we made on mccallum…

    • Kevin June 13, 2013 Reply

      Haha, yeah. I actually told them that story and how it took me a couple years to try sushi again after that. I think we need to give it another shot. Sushi and tea party?

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