The Curious Thing about Coming Home

May 14
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It’s been 4 months since we left Nashville on our crazy adventure, and now we are back for a week. The moment we were driving on the highway it felt as if we never left. I imagined driving home, curling up on our cozy couch, sleeping in our warm bed, before I caught myself…all of those things are gone, sold and scattered. It’s strange how the mind tricks you into forgetting the “now” and reverts back to habit.




I also had a sentimental flashback from 5 years ago when we first moved here. I had just graduated from college, and Kevbot was offered a promotion to move us from Dallas to Nashville. I still remember the night he came home to discuss it. My first thought was “Over my dead body” but somewhere, somehow I began to change my mind. I’m so glad I did, and now I see our time in Nashville as a stepping stone for the adventure that was to come.

I remember the frustration of navigating an unknown city, but also the childlike wonder of new scenery. I had only ever seen flat, dry landscapes of Texas, never the rolling, lush hills of Tennessee. The highways curve around the rocky edges, and in the winter water freezes like giant white beards. Every time we visit a new city I feel this exact same way and I had almost forgotten Nashville was once unfamiliar.


When I know how to navigate a city and I get stuck behind a license plate from another state that is obviously  in unfamiliar territory I like to shake my fist and yell “Get outta here, (fill in foreign state)!” I have been that alien car for the last few months, and I’m taking great pleasure in knowing where I’m going this week.

It’s been a whirlwind of a week, so many things to catch up on and so many people to see. I really love being back at CFN, hands down we have the most team spirit of any gym, and I’ve missed working out there. Saturday’s Beast Mode has left me so sore I can barely move my arms, but I love it. Beast Mode days are the best.

2013-04-28 14.13.55





On Monday and Tuesday I had lunch with my old co-workers. They are some of the best people, and while my job included snotty-nose kids infecting me with sickness, dealing with angry, bitter teacher, and even a kid peeing his pants before I took his picture, they made it suck a lot less. Sandy, my work-mom, is one of my most favorite people and I miss seeing her and talking to her daily.


We also had dinner with Sarah and Henry, our double-date couple, who we absolutely adore! We just have this chemistry, and Kevbot and I miss them terribly. We had dinner at our usual, Chuy’s followed by dessert at Sweet Cece’s of course. We are really hoping they come to visit us this fall somewhere on our travels.



2013-04-27 19.39.22

Nashville will always have a special place in my heart. This is where we took a giant leap into the unknown, away from family and friends. This is where we became grown-ups. This is where we had the most perfect wedding. Whether or not we make our way back here to resettle, I will always consider Nashville home.




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  • gram June 13, 2013 Reply

    Hi Sweetie, Well, Nashville IS SPECIAL, and I’m so glad you were married there, it was such a wonderful SPECIAL wedding I’m so glad I was there to see ya’ll get married, just three weeks before I was in the hospital with pneumonia, so I was doubly blessed, thank you for a wonderful week with ya’ll, I’s so glad we got the condo for the week and could see more of you, love and hugs gram

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