Let Go

Jan 17
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We did it. We took the first step. We are doing it. It seems crazy that this was all just a thought, an idea, a dream that I just couldn’t shake. And now here I sit on our cozy bed with the pups by my side in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Welcome to New Mexico

We are two weeks into our big adventure, and I’m hopeful for what the year holds. I’ve been reading other travel blog about couples who have embarked upon a the same journey as inspiration for our own blog, and have found I’m in awe of their tales. I’m also overwhelmed by the shear content I feel I need to cover in our blog. But I keep reminding myself, “One step at a time. There is no rush”.

I’m very much a planner and organizer so it’s hard to feel out of control. I want everything to be perfect right away. I wish I already knew how to manage a blog. I’m very impatient about learning new things.

Another thing I’ve been struggling with lately is “What am I going to do with all my free time”? And it’s not that I don’t have any ideas and I want to bum around for a year…it’s that I have way too many things I want to accomplish and not enough time in the day.

Just a few things I want to focus on:

  • Becoming a better CrossFitter- which is easy because I want to spend all my time in the gym, but eventually you have to leave and take care of life
  • Leaning out- meaning tons of meal prep, saying “no” to a lot of yummy New Mexican food, and also adding the dreaded HIIT to my workout routine
  • This Blog- figuring out how to manage it, write and get my posts up
  • Photography- I have my 365 photo project, but also have goals to become better, understand my new camera, and learn how to edit better
  • French- one of the long term goals is to learn another language
  • See the sites- this adventure would be worthless if all we did was stay indoors and work. I could have done that in Nashville. So we have made it a priority to get out and explore whichever city we are living in

Long term I’d like to take some online nutrition classes and become CF certified, but I need to get a few more things settled before I add that to my plate.

I recently read a blog post from another adventurer about how she used to be a control-freak and the traveling has somehow changed her into more of a free spirit. I hope I can let go of some of this pressure and worry about what to do…and just start doing.


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K10 is a photographer, crossfitter and on a mission to find her muchness.


  • OurLifeExperiments January 31, 2013 Reply

    It is so interesting to read your perspective on starting the life of full time traveling and writing a blog about it. It seems we are very similar in a lot of ways. I totally agree with your feelings, I felt much the same way. If you have questions on the blog aspect, I might be of some help (although I still feel I have a HUGE way to go!). We’re excited to meet you guys, maybe we’ll run into each other somewhere in this huge country of ours. :o)



    K10 January 31, 2013 Reply

    Thanks Maria! It would be great to meet up somewhere. Let us know if y’all will be in NM or Colorado in the next few months.

  • Amy February 1, 2013 Reply

    My bf and I are about to begin our adventure in a few weeks’ time and I so relate to what you’re saying. I can’t believe that all the dreaming is nearly over and we finally have enough money to leave – I can’t wait to be free. Happy Travels!

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