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Jun 12
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My Gram is one of the most special ladies in my life. I have lived with her on and off as I was growing up, and it’s because of her and my mother that I am the person I’ve become. They are both extremely strong and brave women who have taught me to be the same.


savannah hilton head-89

Gram grew up in Savannah, Georgia and lived there until 1965 when she left for Texas with her 4 kids to raise as a single parent. I remember hearing so many stories throughout my life about this magical city she once inhabited. About 2 years ago, I told my mom that one of my dreams would be to go to Savannah with her and Gram to see it all. We all started planning, and saving, and anxiously awaiting a trip of a lifetime.

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In May, my mom, Gram, Aunt Judy, Aunt Terri, Aunt Mary, Cousin Allison, and I arrived in Savannah. We stayed in a lovely little condo on Hilton Head about a mile from the beach. It was a perfect location and my mom and I enjoyed run and riding bikes along the concrete path shaded with trees covered with Spanish Moss. In the evening, we put the community grill to good use and filled our little circle with laughter and good conversation.

spanish moss

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On Tuesday, we all piled into the van for a day of sightseeing in Savannah. We arrived at River Street, grabbed a mimosa to-go, and took a stroll down the cobblestone road. While we walked along, Gram would venture back to distant memories and tell us stories. Once my great uncle was standing in line for a vaccination. The lines were so long and stretched across the iron bridges. The weight was just too much and collapsed. My great uncle grabbed a young boy as they went toppling down. Luckily both were okay, but many others were hurt.


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One of my favorite stops was the Savannah’s Candy Kitchen. I must get my sweet tooth from my Gram because we both thought we were in heaven! Candy makers dipped gooey spoonful of pralines and a machine stretched taffy from a wheel. Overhead freshly cut and wrapped taffy traveled by conveyor belt to plink into a bin full of flavors. Needless to say we spent quite a few dollars here!

savannah candy

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Later that day we headed to a popular place Gram took her kids to play. As we approached Tybee Beach, the clouds got darker and rain drops began to fall. We parked near a wooden bridge, but the ocean was out of site. We sat for a moment debating what to do. My Aunt Terri jumped out of the car exclaiming, “I’m going anyways! I want to see the beach!” My mom and I followed behind in the downpour. I snapped a few photos before running back to the car, and the three of us piled in dripping wet.

savannah hilton head-8

Running through the rain with my mom and Aunt Terri was definitely a highlight of the trip, but my most favorite was when we arrived at Gram’s old house. I have never seen her and Aunt Terri move so fast! Aunt Mary had barely stopped the van before the door flung open and they took off. I struggled to get out of the third row and catch up as they approached 2 men sitting on the porch.

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Aunt Terri excitedly told them she used to live here when she was a baby and her foot prints are in the concrete around back. We asked permission to see if they were still there. Gram kicked away the dirt and leaves to unveil my Uncle George’s baby feet frozen in time. Unfortunately Aunt Terri’s were covered by a large wooden table. Seeing the excitement on Gram’s face was one of the best moments and I know I will remember this trip forever. I feel very lucky to be surrounded with such strong, loving women in my life.

grams house

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  • gram June 12, 2013 Reply

    WOW, you made it come to life again, thank you for all the wonderful PHOTOS and your great BLOG, That was a special time for me and I will remember it forever, thanks to all of my kids for going and making it so special. love and hugs’ gram

  • MOM June 12, 2013 Reply

    You are a wonderful writer and I just love hearing your stories. I will remember this trip forever! I am so proud of you.

  • Patty Watson Cron June 17, 2013 Reply

    Wonderful! I felt like I was there with you. I think my Mother, Summy, was with Shirley in the candy store. Ha Ha What a pair! Loved Georgie’s footprints. And Terri tearing toward the beach in the rain. This will be an unforgettable, fantasy trip and will live in your hearts forever. Congratulations on completing this magical adventure!

    • AUTHOR

      K10 June 18, 2013 Reply

      Thanks Patty! It really was an awesome trip. I really loved seeing my Aunt Terri so full of energy and excited! We had the best time.

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