Kindred Spirit Strangers and Paying it Forward

Feb 06
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Recently I have been finding more and more blog with very similar stories. We are not the only crazy ones out there. We are in a special club of adventure seekers now. I am enchanted by these couples adventures…the places they’ve seen, the photos they’ve taken, the opportunities they’ve experienced. I’m in love with it all, and I want it too!

I get lost in discovering who they are, where they’ve been, how their adventure started, and end up spending hours jumping from one blog to another. In every about page I feel like I have uncovered our kindred spirits, a different version of us just a few steps ahead or on a parallel plane. They are couples after our own hearts. They write the words I already have in my head. I feel like we all are reading the same book, but they are a few chapters ahead.

One of my new favorite blogs had a post that inspired me. Basically Kim and Brian were given a gift…money for a “do good fund”. They were to give the money away in any way they wanted…to strangers, animals, or the environment anonymously or openly. I love the idea that while you are out having an adventure of a life time, you still are thinking of others. You are still grounded that the world you are experiencing, and giving back in a small way for what you are getting.

Now Kevbot will be the first to tell you that when we are checking out and the cashier ask “Would you like to donate to (fill in charity here)?”  I automatically say yes. I mean just think of those poor homeless animals, or the bald headed leukemia kids. I just can’t NOT help. Back a few years ago, I was part of Team in Training and fundraised for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in memory of my dad. I raised money and ran my first half marathon in San Francisco. A sea of purple, 30,000 runners, 18 million dollars towards cancer research. It was one of the best experiences of my life, knowing in some small way I was part of something huge.

finish line group

the finish line

I want our adventure to be more than donating a dollar at checkout. I want to surprise a stranger with a gift that will make their day. So I am making a pledge that Kevin and I will also have a “Do Good” agenda. I want to be aware of the people we encounter and search for the opportunity to “do good”.


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