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Apr 17
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During our stay in Denver, we had more visitors! We have an open invitation to anyone who wants to visit us on our journey, and are so excited our friends are taking advantage. Last year my cousin Allison, and my bestie Sarah took a girls surf trip to Costa Rica, and over a long Easter weekend I was reunited with my travel buddies. This time we let the husbands tag along (Kevbot & Kevin).



winter park 02

We rented an amazing condo in Winter Park which exceeded our expectations. Very rarely are you surprised to find the online photos don’t justify real life. This place was huge! The kitchen was amazing and equipped with Viking appliances where we took full advantage cooking chili, stuffed peppers, and carrot cake muffins. Ohhh how I’ve miss a dishwasher. Living in 400 sq ft really teaches you to appreciate the luxury of things like dishwashers and washing machines.



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Allison’s Kevin and Sarah had both been to Winter Park before and actually know how to ski unlike Kevbot and me. I guess I failed to mention that in all the times we had been snowboarding it was on the training slopes, and we had never been on a lift before. So Sarah had to coax us up the mountain assuring us we’d be okay on the green.









I can’t say I exactly learned to snowboard, but I managed to go on a few runs, and I never seriously injured myself. Well there was one incident when Kevbot and I were trying to get on a two-person lift, and he sat right in the middle where a pole ran. Kevbot ricocheted into me, tossing me to the side like a clumsy rag doll. Board still attached to my foot I scampered to the side to avoid a concussion from the next chair as I watched Kevbot cling to the pole for dear life. The safety patrol guy shut off the machine, Kevbot let go, and we clumsily stood up. The only thing hurt was our pride as we had to face the line of people behind us and reattempt sitting down on a moving chair.

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In the evening we all enjoyed relaxing our sore muscles in the hot tub with a cup of hot cocoa and Bailey’s in hand. That’s what I love about mountain vacations. Everything feels very zen; wake up in the morning with some yoga, hit the slopes, hot tub time, and relax by the fire- perfect day!

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This trip was by far the best weekend we had in Colorado. Thanks guys for coming to visit! Now who’s next?

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