Jan 31
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When we told people our first stop would be Albuquerque, we got asked “Why Albuquerque” with a cocked eyebrow and bewildered look… we even got the same reaction from some of the locals. I guess there were a few good reasons that brought us here: When you leave from Texas, the southern most part of […]

Jan 25
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Sometimes I wonder why my desire to travel is so strong. Maybe it’s because as a child I moved around a lot. The breakdown: Number of schools I attended K-12: 9 Number of homes I lived in from birth to high school graduation: 10 Number of homes I lived in through college: 5 Number of […]

Jan 17
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We did it. We took the first step. We are doing it. It seems crazy that this was all just a thought, an idea, a dream that I just couldn’t shake. And now here I sit on our cozy bed with the pups by my side in Albuquerque, New Mexico.   We are two weeks into our […]

Jan 16
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Kristin and I have been on a lot of road trips, but it’s always been about getting to the destination. We knew we wanted this road trip to be different, so we picked a few mini-destination along each route. How could you not stop in Roswell on the way to Albuquerque? We arrived in Roswell […]

Downsizing, Step by Step
Jan 12
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How do you go from a 2,000 sq ft townhouse to 33.5 cubic feet of cargo? One bite at at time (or something like that)… When Kristin came back from Costa Rica in July of 2012, she was motivated. It was put up or shut up, and we needed to decide were we really going […]