May 02
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I was in awe from the moment the giant, red rock mountains jutted from the ground reaching high into the sky. I felt as if I was in a prehistoric land where at any moment at monstrous dinosaur would go walking by. We arrived midafternoon on Saturday after leaving a cold, damp Denver and unknowingly […]

Apr 17
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During our stay in Denver, we had more visitors! We have an open invitation to anyone who wants to visit us on our journey, and are so excited our friends are taking advantage. Last year my cousin Allison, and my bestie Sarah took a girls surf trip to Costa Rica, and over a long Easter […]

Mar 21
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I think I died and went to CrossFit heaven! Last night Kevbot and I attended the 13.3 Open Announcement in Boulder at CrossFit Roots. It was a throw down between Kristan Clever, the 2010 CF Games Champ and Talayna Fortunato, last year’s 3rd place in the Games. It came down to one pullup between these […]

Mar 15
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Last weekend Kevbot had to work and there was a blizzard, so we still haven’t really experienced Denver yet. We have been pretty dedicated to eating healthy and preoccupied with the CrossFit Open to really dive fully into the city. Hopefully this weekend we will have an opportunity to do something fun. In the meanwhile, […]

Mar 08
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Back to the wonderful world at the Laundromat! In Nashville after our house rented out, we were living in an apartment and had to resort to the laundromat for 3 months. Now I am back here for the next 2 months. It’s really no fun, but at least it will give me a chance to […]