Mar 01
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So I was reading GQ Trippin and they were talking about all the mistakes they made during their travels and one thing they regret was never writing things down. So even though this post is going to come across as a mad rant I’m going to write it down. We arrived in Denver two days ago after a […]

Feb 21
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I have an ever growing list of things I want to do, places I want to see, milestones I want to hit, and until recently it was just a mental list. Number 45 is ride a hot air balloon. This has been something I have wanted to do since…. forever. When we used to take […]

Feb 08
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Before we created this blog, I was writing “future blog” posts in google docs. Here is something I wrote back in April 2012 when I was feeling trapped in the life I was living. I felt that we were falling into the perfect predetermined rule book that most the world lives by…fall in love, get […]

Feb 06
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Recently I have been finding more and more blog with very similar stories. We are not the only crazy ones out there. We are in a special club of adventure seekers now. I am enchanted by these couples adventures…the places they’ve seen, the photos they’ve taken, the opportunities they’ve experienced. I’m in love with it all, […]

Feb 02
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During the week I maintain a pretty routine schedule: blogging, photographing, editing, CrossFitting, cooking, etc. It’s easier for me to accomplish goals without living in a complete state of unplanned chaos. But on the weekends we go exploring. Today we woke up without a plan, but we wanted to see something new. I had a […]