Jun 12
Published by K10 In Georgia 4 Comments

My Gram is one of the most special ladies in my life. I have lived with her on and off as I was growing up, and it’s because of her and my mother that I am the person I’ve become. They are both extremely strong and brave women who have taught me to be the […]

Jun 03
Published by K10 In Colorado 2 Comments

Denver feels like a distant memory now, but I am still bitter about how little I achieved there. I had some lofty expectations to work on the blog, my photography, learning Spanish, and rock the CrossFit Open. Somehow Denver just sucked the life right out of me. It felt like 7 weeks of Christmas Break […]

May 29
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San Diego and I just met 10 days ago, and I am trying really hard to not come across as a needy and obsessed girl, but secretly I’ve been doodling K10 + SD = <3 I’m really in love with this city. It’s warm and beautiful. The people are so laid back and friendly. It’s […]

May 20
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Kevbot celebrated the big 3-0 last Thursday, and even though he is so very old now I still love him. I needed a good present idea since we don’t have room for possessions, and he really prefers doing things opposed to owning things anyways. So I racked my brain for something fun and unique to […]

May 14
Published by K10 In Tennessee 1 Comment

It’s been 4 months since we left Nashville on our crazy adventure, and now we are back for a week. The moment we were driving on the highway it felt as if we never left. I imagined driving home, curling up on our cozy couch, sleeping in our warm bed, before I caught myself…all of […]